Elevator Installation, Testing and Commissioning

We install efficient, effective and reliable elevators

Our team offer extensive and highly specialist knowledge in all aspects of lift machinery and cars, passenger lifts machine room less lifts, cargo lifts and car lifts plus the complete testing and commissioning, servicing, maintenance package to keep your installation running to perfection.

Elevator Maintenance/ Servicing

The Value of Elevator maintenance Plans

Let us maintain your elevator system to keep your lift running safely and efficiently.

  • 1 time servicing per month
  • 2 times servicing per month
  • Emergency attend for elevator break down

Elevator maintenance plans don’t have to be expensive. When your elevator system is running smoothly it is still important to perform maintenance to keep an elevator running safely to remain effective. Although all elevator systems will require repair at some point, the key to preventing major repairs and emergencies is a good maintenance plan.

Elevator Modernization

Out-dated Elevators Modernization

Both the mechanical and electrical parts are aging and less functional. Consequently, the safety of elevator is degrading and potential risk is getting high.
We have prepared several integrated modernization solution to our customers together with economic and qualified spare parts.